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About Kelia

I started Kelia because beverages should feel good and be good for you – and no one should have to hide the things that help.

I used cannabis starting in my teens, and I remember I often felt judged, like I was doing something wrong. When I decided to have kids, I stopped using cannabis. I remember the day that I decided to use cannabis once again (about a year post-partum), and it was eye-opening.

I realized my anxiety was gone, the negative thoughts I had about myself seemed to quiet down, and I even became more focused and attentive while with my daughter. It dawned on me that I had not been the “stoner” people wanted to make it seem like I was, but I was really a normal person who benefitted from the effects of cannabis. I was never hungover, my body did not feel like it could float away from all of the water I held onto, and I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.

I want to bring that feeling to all other mothers and adults. I want someone to be able to sip my beverage throughout the day or use my beverage as a mocktail when they are with friends.

I want Kelia to change cannabis.

Yours in Health,

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